Custom vestments

Since 1994, we have been engaged in sewing church clothes and embroidery. With the help of modern machines and the hands of our craftswomen, we produce amazingly beautiful robes and elements of church life. In the work we use high-quality brocade of domestic, Greek and Italian production. In our database there are more than 12,000 unique patterns created by our masters of artistic embroidery. With individual tailoring, we take into account all the features and wishes of a client.

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Measurement chart of Aksamit workshop


Measurements are taken with a measuring tape from a person standing straight, with his hands down, without tension and in natural position. Keep in mind that many people become tense when there’s increased attention to them. As a result, stooped figures become slimmer, full thinner and so on. In the future, this results in poor fit or tight clothing.


Liturgical vestments