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Aksamit has turned 25 years old

01 Sep

Celebrating the anniversary! Axamit is 25 years old.

For 25 years now, we – the Aksamit church vestments workshop – have been creating garments for you, our dear friends! During this long time, we have come a long and interesting path filled with various events. But it all started long before that …


In the 80s, Grigory, the founder of the workshop, began working as a psalmist in Volokolamsk, near Moscow. At that time, there were almost no beautiful vestments in the churches. There were, of course, old ones, but only very few of them. There were also some sewn from Soviet tablecloths. A little later, Sofrinsky vestments began to appear, from the fabric of the Sverdlov silk factory. It seemed top class! But the sewn-on crosses on them left much to be desired. Gregory really wanted to do something more beautiful. Bishop – Metropolitan Pitirim (Nechaev) blessed him to learn how to sew vestments. So it slowly went on.

In Estonia, in the Pyukhtitsa monastery, Gregory was struck by wonderfully embroidered crosses on the vestments. Plucking up courage, he went to Mother Varvara to ask her to learn how to sew vestments and embroider such crosses and she blessed him. What a happiness! He studied for several days and made notes. Then he began to embroider and sew.
Now, in the Aksamit workshop, we embroider more than 30 types of embroidered crosses.


We are very fond of church embroidery and we make them for vestments with great love! For 25 years now, we have been creating embroidered galoons, crosses, chalice and paten veils and much more in our Aksamit Orthodox workshop. During this time, we have made many friends, including foreign ones. Once, we had the honor to sew for the Assumption Cathedral and we are grateful that our work was so highly appreciated.


25 years is a long time, but we believe that this is only the beginning of our journey!

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