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Moving of Aksamit workshop

01 Sep

With God’s help the workshop Aksamit of embroidery and sewing of church vestments moved to a new place!

At the beginning of November 2019, the employees of the Aksamit workshop were ordered to vacate the premises in which they had been working for more than 18 years within 3 days. It turned out that the leased building was originally constructed with violations. After agreeing on a short delay, the preparations and the search for a new place to work began urgently. At the same time, despite the general chaos, among the bags and boxes, the craftsmen selflessly continued to sew church vestments.


Within 1.5 weeks, an ideal, as it seemed, room was found: light, spacious, with the necessary capacities. However, we still had to move there. Sleepless nights of packaging materials and finished products, preparation and transportation of equipment were successful. Each embroidery machine, 5 meters long and 2.5 tons in weight, reached its new place of residence without damage.


Unfortunately, our troubles hasn’t ended there. After the moving adjuster of embroidery machines informed us that ventilation pipes left from other owners will resonate and amplify the noise. They had to be removed. As a result, the existing ventilation pipes were dismantled, which required a lot of effort and skill of our employees.


In addition, before starting the production process, you should establish electrical wiring, lighting and redecorate the room.

With God’s help, less than 2 months later, the embroidery shop started working at a full speed. The new production address is st. Khersonskaya, 41a. The Orthodox workshop Aksamit gladly accepts new orders.

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